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"Welcome to my humble shop.
I love physical releases and game swag, and
I'm excited to offer some very unusual, limited edition items!"
- Nathan Fouts
Owner, Designer

Limited Run #338:
Pig Eat Ball (PS4)

BARF Sealed

You read it right.
These are each UNIQUELY custom made, one of a kind.
Possibly the most insane PS4 boxes around.
Amaze, disgust, and dazzle your friends.

Sealed in bright green wax, with unsealing thread.
Signed on the back cover. Includes collector's card.


Every box is unique

Oozing with personality

Satisfying Unboxing


Limited Run #338:
Pig Eat Ball (PS4)

Factory Sealed (in Plastic)

Pig Eat Ball on physical disc for the PlayStation 4. Region free. Original version was limited to 1,500 copies available worldwide.

These are a select few promo copies Limited Run sent me after we shipped the game. 
Includes original foil card.
Signed by request.

Includes Card

An Official Limited Run

Need to Ship International? 

Contact me through the eBay page, in one of the item links.
I'll try my best to help.

Or you can email me directly at "nathan at mommysbestgames dot com".

Pig Eat Ball T-Shirt

Be the envy of every gamer in this comfy shirt, sporting a Ms. Pac-Man inspired "Pig Eat Ball" logo.
This is a custom, 3-color screen print run from local printing house in Louisville, Kentucky (Not a simple photo-print). Logo design is by Steve Wik, creator of the POSTAL series.
Very limited supplies! (XL, L, M. Men's fit only)

Retro Style

3-color Screen Print

Halftone Beauty

Arcade Ready

Glutton Pillbug
Resin Sculpture

Pig Eat Ball has many hilarious Pillbugs, but none has a BIGGER personality than the Glutton! 
Sculpted and hand-painted by Texas artist TobyArt, the Glutton Pillbug is disgustingly oozing with detail! 
Measures about 4" on a side.

Good taste

The struggle

Disgusting detail

Each is uniquely painted

Dangling feet

Pose-able Antenna and Straw


Concept Art

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