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Mommy's Best Games | Explosionade
Weapon of Choice
Mommy's Best Games | Explosionade

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Weapon of Choice Weapon of Choice

Mommy's Best Games | Weapon of Choice

Released: September, 2015
Release Platform: Steam: Windows
Game Link: Steam, Remastered version

Released: October 7, 2010
Release Platform: Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE Indie Games
Game Link: Xbox 360

images All your friends are storming the Horronym Fortress but Colonel Bouche left you to guard the supply depot. Disregarding orders you open the depot to find a gigantic, prototype mech!



* INFILTRATE subterranean strongholds manned by cunning bipedal aliens and their mind-blasting hellions!

* Recharging MegaNades, and an earth-shaking machine gun rip DESTRUCTIBLE environments to hand-drawn bits!

* Dozens of CHALLENGE-ROOM style gameplay with a zoom function that let's in you close or zooms out to see all the action!

* 2-PLAYER COOP so you can share the alien-stomping, grenade tossing joy!

* STEAM version has Leaderboards, Achievements, and Trading Cards!

* Hand-drawn, SILKY-SMOOTH effect animations just like Mom used to make!
(If your mom was SNK)



Eurogamer review:
8 out of 10
images "For 80 points, Explosionade is an absolute steal."

1UP.com review:
"FreeLoader" pick
images "The game, a cross between Metal Slug and Blaster Master's overworld levels, has rightly been obsessed over in blogs and forums."

Kotaku review:
"Xbox Live Indie Clip"
images "You too can have this much fun running around a mutant-infested warehouse with an extremely powerful prototype mech..."


Digital Hippos review:
4.4 out of 5
images "Slick graphics, easy to get into, co-op play, funny dialogue."

Game Critics review:
8.5 out of 10
images "I'm confident that anyone investing the asking price of one dollar will find that it's one of the wisest choices they've ever made."

Twin Galaxies review:
8 out of 10
images "Bosses are humongous in comparison to the rest of the enemies and take entire arsenals to bring down."


Mecha Damashii review:
(Giant review!)
8 out of 10
images "I heard a rumour (which I started) that Mommy’s Best Games is able to provide these quality sprites by eating live scorpions they find outside exclusively and passing those savings onto you, the consumer."

Co-optimus review:
4 out of 5
images "Oh, did I mention that you look like a character from Tim and Eric Awesome Show?"

Broke My Controller review:
Xbox LIVE Indie Game of the Month: Explosionade
images "The attention to detail is first rate, not just because of the exceptional hand-drawn graphics, but because of the amazing variety. "


RunDLC review:
4 out of 5
images "Explosionade is a rare Indie game that is so good, it probably should’ve been a full Xbox Live release."

The IndieGame Magazine:
images "This is my absolute favorite Xbox Live Indie Game. Explosionade is simply a blast to play. I would pay $10 for it."

Blog 'Em Up review:
Swedish review
images Google Translate says "When life hands you explosions. Make explosions!"

Dealspwn review:
Xbox Live Indie Game Of The Week: Drink Your Explosionade!
images "If you crave big guns, huge explosions and twisted alien enemies, you need look no further than Mommy’s Best Games. "

Console Arcade review:
images "The graphics and sprites are all wonderfully hand drawn, and there’s a great level of feedback when you shoot enemies which makes killing them satisfying."

DIY Gamer review:
images "Even the smallest enemy soldier has a lot of personality thanks to the little details in his armor and animations as he runs for cover from an explosion."

Game Enthus review:
images "Explosionade is an action packed, 40+ level exercise in jumping and shooting that reminded me of the NES classic Blaster Master."

XBLA Fans review:
"Buy It!"

images "You can tell just by watching the game play out that each animation was carefully created, and shown lots of love."

1UP or Poison review:
"Good" rating
images "Your character feels like he's taken all these powers that would have stood on their own in any other 2D game and combined them to make one badass mech."

Gay Gamer review:
"Yay!" rating
images "Making defensive tools just as fun as offensive ones seems to be a common trait for Mommy's Best Games."

GamerGeddon review:
"Geddon it!" rating
images "Great graphics and sounds, and the gameplay is good fun."

Armless Octopus review:
images "With forty levels chock full of creatures that need killing, it’s a fantastic value at a buck."

SuperGhost review:
Indie Spotlight
images "MBG packed a lot of game into this package..."


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