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Weapon of Choice
Weapon of Choice
Weapon of Choice
Weapon of Choice Weapon of Choice
Mommy's Best Games, Inc. is a boutique game developer founded in 2007. We strive to deliver games that push at the edges of the medium through gameplay and art. Our first release, Weapon of Choice is an award-winning, side-scrolling, action game. Weapon of Choice is now available on Xbox 360 Indie Games.

Mommy’s Best Games makes games with “Prodigal Gamers” in mind; former hardcore gamers who still enjoy games, but do not have as much free time. Our games require the skills that Hardcore Gamers have honed over years of gaming, but can be played in brief, yet satisfyingly complete (bloody) chunks. Gamers of varying skill sets will enjoy the immediate satisfaction of the finely-tailored gameplay.


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