Bumpy Grumpy

The lost 1983 arcade racer is coming back.

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"I have to get to work!"

The year is 1983 and you must help Frantic Frank navigate the rush hour traffic on his way to work. But - oh no - he lost his papers!
Nab powerups, snatch your papers, and boost your way to a new high score.

A Lost Cult Classic

St. Louis game developer Occidental Designs released its first game Bumpy Grumpy in the summer of 1983. But with only a regional test release, the game was lost to time. Mommy's Best Games is now bringing this speedy racer back to a new audience!


○ Arcade perfect controls: Change lanes instantly, and thrill to tight dodges!

○ Judge just the right moment to run the light or slam the brakes!

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○ Evade wacky drivers like Tail Gator, Speed Demon, Slow Poke, Sundae Driver, and more!

○ Grab powerups to gain the edge like the Chain Mace, the Spike Plow, and the Turbo Gas!

○ Keep your eyes peeled for letters and spell “BUMPY” for an extra bit of pep!

○ 12 unique areas, each with their own crazy, enemy driver! 

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○ Global Leaderboards: Go for the high score!

MAME ready: Controls already mapped, drop it into your arcade cabinet tonight!

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Packed with options and settings.
Control the game speed, lives, bezel art and more!

Bumpy Grumpy
is coming to Steam!

Present-day indie developer Mommy's Best Games is bringing the Occidental Designs' back catalog to PC. The first game to be ported is Bumpy Grumpy.
Mommy's Best Games is making every effort to have an arcade-perfect emulation of this 1983 classic for you to experience for (possibly) the first time!

Add it to your Steam Wishlist and join the Mailing List for updates on Bumpy Grumpy as it comes from the arcade to your home.

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